This Week…

Sorry to tell you about this week so late but I’ve just got back from a VERY LONG DAY at a football tournament!

This week the CM1 will be learning how to talk about animals.

CM2 will be using the past tense,

6ème will be looking at daily routines,

5ème will revise obligations and quantities for their test,

4ème will continue studying American history and prepare their timeline in Room 8,

I can’t wait to see the adverts ( posters AND at least one film!) that the 3ème are preparing. I wonder how our « peer marking » system will work.

The anglophone class will continue our study on Shakespeare and Star Wars, a fascinating combination!

DON’T FORGET – to give the TRINITY & CAMBRIDGE reply slips to the secretary this week, to register for your exams.

The 100 word challenge is for class 3A this week, but anyone can join in if they want, the prompt this week is to include the following words somewhere in the text…

… but all we could see was water…

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all in bed by now (that’s where I’m heading in a minute!) so you can read this tomorrow.


As always, have a great week!






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