This Week…



To celebrate Valentine’s day this Friday we’re going to have a LOVEly time in English class!

CM1 will talk about what animals CAN and CAN’T do,

CM2 will revise the Past and tell a story,

6ème will look at frequency adverbs and talk about TV,

5ème will look at superlatives and the future, and they have a test on Friday (Valentine’s day present?!),

4ème will look at future obligations and have a test too. I’ll put up your American history timeline in room 8,

3ème will be talking about what they know about Scotland and as I know how much some of you LOVE writing, you’ll be doing an expression on Friday!

Class 4èmeA are doing the 100 word challenge this week, but everyone is welcome to join in. This week’s prompt is :

… meetings were held across the country to find an answer…..

So think of a problem, who you would invite to the meeting to solve it and what the answer would be. Remember to write 100 words plus the prompt, so about 110 this week.

Have a fun Valentine’s week, remember your fab Englishteacher loves chocolate 😉 and…

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

Sugar is Sweet,

and English is good for you!



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