The 100 Word Challenge #24

This week’s theme was to celebrate World Book Day  by rewriting a fairy tale.

While you have been surrounded by books to revise for exams you probably haven’t had time to read any good ones, so here is

this week’s story, written by the wonderfully motivated Valseska in class 3A:

She had skin as fair as snow, lips that were red like the blood shed of a forgotten soldier from WWII,

and the hair Rapünzel’s prince would’ve dreamed of climbing with.

 One day, she came across a little cottage on which a burgundy-coloured front door were inscribed the words:

« Heres be dwell’n the sev’n dwarves »

And she was surprised to find the door unlocked in the middle of the night in such dangerous woods.

She hesitated a bit, then decided to open the door, as she was exhausted and needed to stop and ask for directions

 anyway. When suddenly, as she opened the door, all at once, a German pig, a talkative donkey, a green ogre,

a grand female dragon and a mischevious fairy all yelled out « HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRINCESS FIONA!!! » after

 which EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEIR JAWS DROPPED, and our heroine ended the story with a quick and

 rather awkward« Oh sorry… to interrupt your evening… Bye 😳« 

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