The 100 word Challenge Week #26

This week’s text comes from Faust in 3B:

When I was little, we went in north of France during the holidays.

We slept in a little house, it was yellow and white. Often the weather was bad, it rained a lot but sometimes the sun shone. Next to the sea, there are a lot of wind and very often I went with my father on the beach with our kite, it was a red bird. One day we were on the beach and it was a kite competition.

My father said: « Look up, can you see the dragons, the monsters and the blue one, can you see them ? »

We had to be careful to not touch the others kites.


dragon kite

Une réflexion sur “The 100 word Challenge Week #26

  1. Tres bien Faust! This is a lovely description of a day on a beach with kites. I like the picture which you added too! In Britain, we would say that we went to the North of France and that there was a lot of wind. I hope that you keep writing for the 100WC.

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