This week…

Have you remembered to change your clocks? To know which way to go I always think of the saying « Spring forward, Fall back ».

CM1 will continue looking at classroom vocab,
CM2 will do a running dictation,
6eme have a test on present simple and be + ing,
5eme will have a test on the preterit and irregular verbs, and enough & too,
4eme have a test on the present perfect,
3eme have a test on suggestions, self & each other.

Lots of tests this week.

This week’s prompt for the 100 word challenge is:
…but I thought I had enough time…
It’s homework for the 4eme but everyone id welcome to join in.

I will be going to England on Wednesday afternoon to give a speech at the IATEFL (International association of teachers of English as a foreign language) conference in Harrogate, but don’t panic I’ll leave you plenty of work to do 🙂

On my way back to Geneva I’m stopping in Paris to run the marathon on Sunday morning, I’ll be taking this card with me:


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