This week’s joker

Write five things you did this weekend and five questions about Mrs Harris’ weekend and give them to her.


5 réflexions sur “This week’s joker

  1. I played videogames with my little brother, I played with my dog, I did my homeworks for all the week, I revised my maths lessons, and I saw my friends.

    Have you played videogames this week-end? Have you walked your dog? Have you punch your kids? 😂 Have you player Starwars on Ps4? Have you ate chocolate? Have you slept very well?

    See you tomorrow, byye😜

    1. Hello! This weekend I went to the cinema to watch « Tout schuss ». I also played badminton with Jean and drank Greenfield tea with the cinnamon biscuit. As well I watched « Rock the Kasbah » (which is a pretty strange film) and OF COURSE REVISED MY VOC!😊 And what about you? Did you go to Lancy for your son’s match? Did you go running even when it was raining? Did you have un opportunity to do such an enjoyable thing as washing your dog after all this outdoor dirt? Did you watch any film this Saturday or Sunday? Which book was you reading?

      1. Hi! I had a great weekend, I watched my son play football, went running (in the rain!) and had lunch with friends.
        When you leave a comment you have to wait for me to « approve » it before anyone can see it, that way I can be sure nobody writes horrid things about English lessons!

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