La Rentrée!

There’s no English word for « la rentrée », so for this week’s joker – create one!

Also remember that you have a vocabulary test on lists 1 to 10 this week so get revising!

For another free joker – the « trim » are coming – describe what you do when you revise, where do you sit? How long to you work before taking a break? Do you read?underline?highlight?take notes? test yourself?

Have a good week and don’t forget the alarm clock for Monday morning!

4 réflexions sur “La Rentrée!

  1. Jean

    Hello, Mrs Harris! For the non-existent word « La réntrée » in English, I created my own one: « The comeback »!

    Also, I would like to explain how I revise for trims. The revisions start for me 2 days before the exams. I just reread the theory during the etudes and before I go to bed. Sometimes I go outside, I prefer sitting outdoors than indoors. I don’t listen to music while working: it distracts me! I take notes for some dates, facts and difficult information to memorise… In addition, I take 5-10 minutes break before revising next subject or voc. During that break, I play video games on my phone or eat. I let my brain relax. At the end, I often test my self with Quizlet or Franç, it helps me to stay self-confident. During the etude before an exam, I ask questions or just relax because I would learn everything the day before!
    P.S: Little advice. Don’t hope that you will be able to revise everything during the heure de revision, it’s impossible for the brain to memorise it all.

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