C’est La Rentrée!!!


Can’t wait to see you all on Thursday, I just know we’re going to have a brilliant year together so before we start, let’s get a few things clear –


  1. We’re in this together, the whole class is there to help you learn, so ask for help and help others when they need it.


2. I LOVE mistakes! How else can you learn what is right? NEVER,NEVER be afraid of getting anything wrong in my class – the more mistakes you make, the more you learn!

3. Everyone has a second (and third, and fourth… chance!) so if you do something wrong – don’t worry about it, fix it instead! For example if you forget your homework or books then you have two jokers – free excuses where it’s ok to forget stuff. If you need another joker then check out this site or ask me what you need to do to get another one!

FIRST JOKER OR THE YEAR! – Draw a postcard and write a paragraph or two about your holidays and give it to Mrs Harris!

Finally, remember I’m always here for you and ready to help or answer any questions you or your parents have!


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