Changes this Week



due to some family issues here at Harris Towers there will be some changes this week:

  • I’m afraid there won’t be teatime this week
  • I might not be about to zoom your lessons to you – but don’t worry I’ll leave you plenty of work!
  • Talking of work, it seems some of us teachers have been a little over-enthusiastic in the work we’ve given you, so I’m going to give a lot less this week.
  • If however you have some time to practice your English then choose from the activities below:

MONDAY– Bored??? Find the cure to boredom here.

TUESDAY– Today is my birthday! – Write me a message telling me about your BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

WEDNESDAY– Check out this text about April Fool’s day 🙂

THURSDAY– Sick of teachers telling you hat to learn? What would you LIKE to learn about?Have a think and then send me a message telling me about what you want to learn and why.

FRIDAY- ALMOST THE HOLIDAYS, but not quite! These are extremely unusual times we live in, write me a letter about how you are living and studying in confinement, what is your new typical day? Who are you living with? What are the advantages of confinement? and the disadvantages? (Keep a copy – it will be interesting to look at in a few years’ time.)


CM1 – collect objects for our house

CM2 – write a journal everyday of what you do- you can use the present, remember the -s for he/she

6ème – write a journal every day USING THE PAST TENSE

Everyone else: check you have done all the activities in your workbook up to where we are now, revise all the old vocab lists – use quizlet! Put your phone in English, watch series in English, add English subtitles to you youtube videos, learn the words to your favourite English song,…

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